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Get powerful sales language to use in any listing, website or product description so your products fly out the door

Starts Monday November 14, 2022

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The Problem...

You’ve got a great product and you’re getting sales - just not as many as you want.

The Solution...

Massively upgrade the product description language you use on packaging, in product listings, on your website and retailer sell sheets. 

In this FREE 5 Day Challenge we’ll give you the exact tools you need to make magnetic product listings so your products fly out the door!

In just 5 days you will… 

  • Uncover the main drivers of your product sales so you can laser-target your messaging
  • Convert your product’s features into sales-driving language for your packaging, product listings and sales pages
  • Upgrade your existing product language to boost your sales results and improve your ROAS

Each morning you'll receive a brief video training plus a cheatsheet to complete. Then you're able to ask your exact questions in our private Facebook group from noon-12:30 pm Pacific each day.

Imagine, in less than an hour a day, you'll learn the secrets to boosting your sales forever!

Who are we at Products to Profits?

We are a company that believes that there are too many good ideas and products going unnoticed. Brilliant ideas and products get lost in a purgatory of could-haves and poor business sense.

Founder, Amy Wenslow, realized that too many small businesses were taking bigger than necessary risks when launching their products. They were missing the connections between product development, sales and marketing that would allow them to grow FAST. She would know. She’s worked for decades with large-volume manufacturers.

She’s intimately acquainted with the journey of a product’s conception to its consumer debut. Her keen eye for design, creativity, and knowledge of product development gives her a unique perspective.

She wants to help you.

She wants your vision to be BIG, even if your business isn’t (yet). She believes with the right guidance and tools that your product will do BIG things.

Are you ready to magnetize your listings and attract more sales?

Join us!

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